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It's always important to get feedback as it helps us improve and it also gives others inspiration..

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  1. Andy says:


    Hi all.. just to let you know I have just updated the theme and all the training. The theme is totally responsive and mobile ready. You would have received an email with all the details.

    All the best Andy

  2. Anne Dorthe says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks so much for the free theme and the awesome tutorials! I have installed the theme on one of my sites – this is just what I was looking for!

    Unfortunately, a bullet image appears at the very top on all pages as well as posts, which pushes all the content down. Do you have any tips to how I can get rid of this image?



    • Andy says:

      Hi Anne
      Not sure why that’s there, I have tried to replicate it but have not been able to. I’ve also looked at other installs of the theme and its not happening on those either so I’m a bit lost as to why you are getting that at the top of the page.. I’ll continue to investigate. If you keep having this issue try another theme which I love and have been using for my own sites and my client it’s less than $70 and will enable you to create sales pages, lead generation pages and a comes with a ton of great templates.

      Let me know how you get on

  3. scènes XXX says:

    Un extrêmе remerciement au webmaster de ce blog

  4. Hi people, hi Andy,
    I’m German, hope I’m speaking understandable… – Greets to England! // Thank you for this free Landing Page. For I’m still a greenhorn on internet-marketing, I have learned a lot while working on it. In the video tutorials Andy is explaining as well, clear and logical, that even me was able to build up this Landing Page. Really super! – But I think, there is one question left: What about an adress- or impressum-link at the bottom of the page? Is this not urgent or even demanded by law?

  5. mo says:

    Nice clean landing page theme, but why must your links be inserted in the footer?

  6. Andy,
    I have found your videos to be everything I need and more. I had been working on a theme that had a slider which I still like personally. But when I discoveted your clean and professional looking theme I was hooked. I like how you suggest working in th text side first and then changing in the view side…it makes things realky work out. I appreciate your work and ook forward to even the paid offers. Here is what you helped create so far…

    • Andy says:

      Hi Craig

      So glad you like the theme.. I have created a new theme which I now give away which you can use. I sent that out via email a little while ago and I will be sending another email soon to all subscribers with that link so look out for that.

      Page looks great by the way.

  7. Thomas Ruwan says:

    I was looking to build a landing page and my business partner ran across your offer at exactly the right time.

    I may make a few more changes but at this time but I am very happy with the results

    I may add a background image but I don’t see much else until I get a video made..

    Thomas Ruwan

  8. Michael says:


    Love the theme and the instructional videos. Even better, was your support when I had a question. Great job!



  9. Luna says:

    Hi, great videos that brought me to upload your plugin, However when I want to install the plugin, I have The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Can you advise please?

  10. massmaninfl says:

    Hi Andy;

    I think your a great marketer and an excellent teacher too. Your videos are always rewarding and I thank you for your efforts.

    Hope you don’t mind a little criticalness but I see part of your pages as very annoying. I am referring to the background around your weight loss page and actually all the pages that have items in the side background. These items would not bother people of my age (71) that actually know longer have peripheral vision. I, like most people on the internet, have excellent vision, including peripheral vision.

    Try this yourself. Watch any of your videos that have the side background and as you watch the video or read the text, you should also feel the annoyance of the background which your peripheral vision should also be picking up. Then watch a video with just a white background and see the difference.

    I also adjust the text when part of a page shows part of a graphic or strong color that my peripheral seems to love. I just find these things quite distracting. I think your conversion rates would increase with just plain backgrounds but would, of course, suggest testing. Btw, I find this annoying in all videos that do these kind of things. Especially arrows moving up and down or left and right. Your the only one I’ve mentioned this to as I think and feel your one of the good guys in IM.

    Hope you take this in the spirit it was created in.

    Warmest regards,

    Paul Goulart

  11. Andy says:

    Hi Scholastica

    Thanks for that. You can have as many squeeze pages on your site as you just create more pages within WordPress.


  12. Scholastica says:

    This is not only awesome but such a gift. I just listened to a webinar that had an offer to do get a squeeze page for 2 payments of 97. I don’t that budget since I’m starting out and I don’t have the technical know how to do this. I was able to get this up following the instructions. It took me a full day, listening to all the videos and implementing.

    If you do other videos, please advice if a squeeze page should be a stand alone or you can add other pages other than the privacy no tine. Can you have two squeeze pages on the same website since each page has its own address

    Thank You so much! I will look out for more from you.

  13. Hi Andy,
    Great tutorials, very detailed and helpful step by step guide. Thank you for sharing such faluable info!

  14. alec says:

    well Andy I was not even looking for any videos, I found your video on YouTube by pure luck , , i went to my own video page to get copy of it, and the link for your video was in side bar…………..

    and started my world press blog only a month ago

    i not got anything to sell as such , but I watched the videos and they are very helpful to me ……….. thanks for tips i got a lot to learn

    but this only y first attempt alec t

  15. KododTE says:

    I tried to install my GVO autoresponder form in the page and after putting the code in the form placed itself at the left side of the page and the right half was cut off, like it went past a border.

    • Andy says:

      Hi Kodod

      WordPress just takes HTML so would not effect your autoresponder code. I suggest you don’t use pure HTML, you really need to use javascript.

  16. Mike says:


    I love the videos and the ease of use to install the squeeze page, however, how can I incorporate this theme with an existing WP site?
    I would love to use this as my landing page for the sake of leads and yet, still be able to go to the other pages on my website.

    • Andy says:

      Hi Mike

      Sorry must have missed this comment, hence so late in reply.. This is a WordPress Theme and can be the only theme on a WordPress installation, however you can put another WordPress install on a sub domain and install this theme there.

  17. Jim says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’m just getting started and the videos look great. But the download of the landing page has files I cannot access (I’m using a Mac – does that matter?). Should i be able to open a Word file (I don’t see one) with your landing page, or will all that become clear as i use the videos? Many thanks for putting this all together! Jim

  18. Julie says:

    Hi Andy! Finally someone who makes it easy to understand how to put a landing page out there. I followed your simple instructions and voila! It was done! Thanks. I am recommending you to my friends and colleagues.

  19. David Walker says:

    Hi Andy
    The video tutorials taught me a great deal about word press and the importance of using html.
    The squeeze page format is great, but have you noticed latly that some are using a half page, a condenced sqeeze page if you will. I’ve tried to adopt this concept but still end up using much more than half page.
    Your inovation has given me inspiration!



  20. Janise says:

    Hello again Andy!

    Figured out that the tags must wrap around the javascript. For anyone else that may be experiencing same problem.

  21. Hey Andy,

    I have been busy working with your Landing Page, this is the first time doing anything like this and really like the ease of use . I have so far used it for 4 of my sites and working on couple more. The sites I am using it for now are,, and You gave me a great Landing Page to use and I thank you and now it is up to me to get this page ranked to improve sales.

    Thanks again for a great Landing Page and if you happen to find time to check out any of my pages any suggestions are certainly appreciated!



  22. Quayne Green says:

    Hi Andy,
    I am finally getting around to using your FREE wordpress landing page.
    I am using WordPress 3.3.1
    For the life of me I cannot get the h1,h2,h3,h4 formats to center on the page.
    if I use paragraph format it works fine but not the Heading formats.
    I’m not a html programmer, but I have cut and paste the code from your landing page into my landing page and it does not center either, so I don’t think it’s my code.
    It looks fine on the wordpress ‘visual’ editing, but not on the actual landing page.
    Help, Please.

    • Andy says:

      Hi Quayne

      Just had a quick look at the page and it looks great.. If you are having problems with placing text central on the page when Highlighting and using the center icon in the editing pallet try


      It should force the text to center, WordPress can be frustrating sometimes.


  23. toru says:

    Your video and the plugin worked great. My wordpress turned into a money generating machine now!

  24. Nick says:

    Great piece of work,page looked great…lokoking fwd to getting a lot of paying traffic…..tahnk you ever so much :}

  25. Derek Nice says:

    Hi Andy
    Just a quick note to say thanks for the landing page, it is working great and we are using on our wp site we also added other pages by linking and using links in the footer and in the text all leading to other landing pages, great stuff,
    Once again thanks for a great peice of work.
    Derek And Don

  26. Paul Rushton says:

    Hi Andy – I cannot thank you enough for the free capture page template. It has helped me to generate a massive list and has exploded my sign-ups overnight! I could not be happier with it and I hope I can refer many other people to your site to also benefit from your help!
    Best Wishes and good luck in 2012!

    • Andy says:

      Hi Paul
      Many thanks for the kind words I’m so glad you like the theme.. I have a little gift for you so you can use an alternative them and maybe get even better results.. go to where you can download another really good looking theme.

      The great thing is that you can simply upload this theme to a site which has the current Landing Page theme and you should not have to do any additional configuration.

      Good luck and let me know how you get on.. I’m going to use your comment as a testimonial if I may.

      Many thanks

  27. Jhon Falco says:

    Estupendo plugin y extraordinarios tutoriales. Gracias por tu aporte a la industria del network marketing. Saludos desde Cuernavaca México.

  28. Paul says:

    Hi Andy;

    Great job with your 7 video landing page instructions. You demonstrate the patience of Job in your training. Also, crystal clear videos, even in full screen. You made something that was very difficult for me, very simple and easy to understand. Thank you so much.

  29. Thanks Andy,

    You always give great content !


  30. Bobby says:

    I am having an issue… when I install the plugin, when I go to activate it I get an error stating that the plugin doesnt have a valid header….

    Good you asked for an update 🙂
    as I havent been able to use this at all …. so If there is a fix let me know…
    I am in the market looking for a nice WP landing page/sales page as I am almost done with creating a very complete WP training videos….showing how to create a membership site with WP! people will love it if they are looking to learn……

    let me know if there is a fix or should i buy one 🙂


  31. nir says:

    isn’t you theme working on IE9?

  32. Great job on the videos Phillip as I was quite impressed with the clearity especially in the full screen mode. Also a lot of great information on how to set up a squeeze page,information I was not aware of.

    Again Great Job,


  33. Hasan says:

    hi andy, i love ur 7 video
    and i love your freelandingpage too… it was usefull for me..
    i have a website, its new, but i am a newbie of SEO or something like that.
    i think my domain would be a good prospect of being popular.
    please give me some advice, oppinion, for my website.
    thanks alot …

  34. Edinson says:


    Sabes algo de Español, me gustaria saber si puedes ayudarme en clickbank

    Un abrazo

  35. Steve Peck says:

    I’m so glad that I found this theme. It’s been so easy to set up, add pages, design just what i want. All the flexibility of html with the simplicity of word press plugins. I really like it and wish i’d found this a long time ago.


  36. John says:

    Thanks for the great theme. Is there a way to expend the width a little?


  37. Bhagas says:

    Course that was remarkable, I really loved the courses that you carry. This was much easier for me in making a landing page using wordpress. thank you very much.

    Bhagas-Indonesia. I’m sorry if my language is not good

  38. Teresa says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course and looked forward to playing with the landing pages and the tutorial, but as usual I have just been too busy. One day I really will get round to it. In the meantime, I can only sing your praises. See you soon. Teresa

  39. Liz Gordon says:

    I loved creating my landing page and found the instructions clear and easy to follow. I am now stuck as to how to add it to my WPblog and am searching arond to find out how to do this. can you point me in any direction? I am uneasy with WP but would like to know how to do such an important action. Thanks for the design bit that is terrific. Liz

  40. Brent says:

    It’s great to have this style landing page and the ability to use it in WordPress. Many of the product launches you see on the web these days use this style landing page. All you need to do is be creative and add a nice background graphic and it looks really professional.

    Thank you for offering a quality product for free!

  41. melvin t white says:

    I was looking forward to your webinar tonight, however GMT meant nothing to me!

  42. Kathryn says:

    Hi Andy,

    I just finished watching your video tutorials and I have my first sales page ready to go. Thanks so much for making it so easy! I have 1 question though. I’m wondering how to make the video portion on the page smaller? I have gone and changed the settings on the wordpress side but it defaults back to the full width when I view the page. My video is of me talking and a full width screen is a bit much.

    Thanks for your help,


    • Andy says:

      Hi Kathryn

      Glad you liked the videos. I need a bit more information about the video. The video size is down to the video settings. If you are using YouTube.

      Using the old code or the new iframe code you will see the size of the video in the code. You will see width=”560″ height=”340″ which can be changed to whatever you want. When you do you may need to go back and have a bit of a jig around until you get the sizing perfect.

      If you’re using somthing like JW Player for WordPress, you can change the video size in the settings. If you try and force it on page it does not work.. Always change the size in the setting for the player.

      Hope that helps. If not email me direct at and I’ll take a look


  43. Business Gas says:

    Thanks for these templates, so simple to use, yet effective in every way. I still haven’t finally decided on my niche market site yet, but when I do the template is all loaded up and ready to go.

    And yeah again do you have an affiliate program? As I to would be keen to offer this to my followers.


  44. Claude says:

    Thank’s A Bunch
    This is a real chance for a non-techy guy like me to set something up in no time.
    Keep up your good work
    if you have an affiliate program email me !
    I would pridly promote your stuff


  45. Hi Andy,
    To be honest I have not yet started to optimise my laning page. I’m focusing on getting free traffic to my site. If I don’t get on Google page no 1 for my main keyword I will not have much use for a good and optimised landing page.
    If I do start getting traffic I will definitely have a look at your offers.

  46. EJ says:

    Thanks for this great theme. One of my goals is to find a way to have a landing page and then after optin or the sale, that on the following pages/thank you page have the ability to display widgets. Haven’t figured that out yet. It would be nice if there was a layout function for pages beyond the landing page (i.e. content,:sidebar, or sidebar:content, etc….).


  47. Fred says:

    I used this a couple months back and set up my first landing page with relative ease. You do a good job with this site and the content you provide overall. I read all of your emails. Sometimes it takes a minute to get to them, but I do read them all. I’m just getting around to checking out Whiz Kid. There is so much to learn in this game and so many people claiming to know it all – you do a good job! Thanks for the backlink. I wish I had known how imperative those were earlier in the game.

  48. rev says:

    I appreciate your tips and content that have been very helpful. I like the idea of having my opt-in list hosted on my godaddy account for now and using my own bulk mail program vs. Aweber etc. What do you like to use for an opt-in WP mail plugin?

    • Andy says:

      Hi Rev

      The reason I use AWeber is because of the way it works at the back end. I run most of my lead generation sites, completely on autopilot thanks to AWeber. Having said that there is other products out there which are just as good. But AWeber is bloody good!!!


  49. Ro Co says:

    Great I have been using it for a while, I followed the steps, pretty easy, works just great. I was battling to find a way to set up your free landing page when I discovered your site. Thanks for the help.

  50. I found the install instructions easy to follow and got my Landing page set up
    with no more difficulties than the average 74 year olds have when trying out
    new things. My next challenge is to figure out how to add some more
    pages, but then it wouldn’t be a Landing page would it?

  51. Maff says:

    Great theme uploaded it and set it up in no time really easy to do. When I did get stuck I checked out the vids which were brill so easy to follow. Makes creating a landing page a piece of cake. Its professional easy to use and is definitely working for me. Well done Andy a great job thanks for sharing it with us it is very much appreciated

  52. Dave says:

    I’ve been using your WP landing page for about 4 months now, I came across it while surfing on the net. I watched all the videos and had my own page set up in less than an hour. It was amazingly easy to do and the videos made it as easy as 123. Prior to using worpress landing page I didn’t have much experience with blogs due to using HTML editors. When I started using WP blogs I found it really hard to create a professional looking landing page (and we all know how important a good landing page is) and was becoming increasingly frustrated. Your wordpress landing page made all the difference and I use it for all my WP landing pages now. Simple easy and extremely effective oh and did I mention FREE??

  53. Ryan says:

    Andy…loved the videos…the one part I have a question one you did not address! haha — The Thank You Page, the deliverable page, and the already subscribed!! Is it the 7 part video tutorials the same as the ones on YouTube?

    Great work my man!

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